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Black Kalava (kaal bhairav) Ujjain

Black Kalava (kaal bhairav) Ujjain

Black Kalava (kaal bhairav) Ujjain

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Introducing  Sacred Thread Puja Dhaga, a sacred thread meticulously crafted for religious and astrological purposes. This sacred thread, also known as Sankalp Sutra, serves multifaceted functions including astrological-planetary alignment and protection against the evil eye (Nazar Suraksha).


Black Kalava  (kaal bhairav)

Incorporating traditional Mauli Kalawa Raksha Sutra and Anant Dhaga elements, this thread symbolizes continuity and protection, with some adherents tying them until the next Sankalp is undertaken, extending typically for a week post the puja ceremony.

Embracing the heritage of Vedic astrology and ancient traditions, this thread embodies centuries-old wisdom where the significance of colors was paramount. Recent scientific research corroborates the profound impact of colors, a knowledge deeply entrenched in Vedic Hindu tradition and echoed in astrological treaties across civilizations from ancient India to the Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Mayan cultures.


  • Kaal Bhairav: Named after the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, Kalabhairava, this thread embodies protection from malevolent forces and blessings of divine guidance.
  • Guardian: Black Kalava is believed to serve as a shield against negative energies, evil spirits, and the malefic influence of planets, ensuring the devotee's safety and well-being.
  • Devotion: Tying the Black Kalava signifies devotion to Lord Shiva and invokes his grace and protection upon the wearer.


  • Rituals: Commonly used in various Hindu rituals, pujas, and ceremonies, including prayers to Lord Shiva, seeking protection from malefic planetary influences, and warding off the evil eye.
  • Offerings: It can be offered to temples or tied around the wrist or neck of devotees as a token of divine protection and blessings.

Cultural Significance

  • Tradition: Black Kalava has been an integral part of Hindu tradition for centuries, deeply rooted in mythology and spiritual practices.
  • Customs: It is often tied during auspicious occasions, such as weddings, housewarming ceremonies, and festivals, to invoke divine blessings and safeguard the individuals and their families.

The Black Kalava, or Kaal Bhairav thread, serves as a tangible reminder of divine protection and blessings, fostering a deeper spiritual connection and invoking the potent energies of Lord Shiva's fierce aspect, Kalabhairava.

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  • Length: 5 Meters
  • Material: Silky thread
  • Color: Natural Black

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