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GOMTI CHAKRA - A Symbol of Prosperity and Blessings

GOMTI CHAKRA - A Symbol of Prosperity and Blessings

GOMTI CHAKRA - A Symbol of Prosperity and Blessings

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Gomti Chakra, the sacred symbols of Goddess Lakshmi, holds a special place in Hindu tradition. These distinctive chakras, often resembling Lord Krishna's Sudarshan Chakra, are believed to have been a part of the majestic palaces of Lord Krishna in Dwarka, according to both oral tradition and Vaishnava lore. They serve a dual purpose, being used in worships and revered as powerful Yantras. Owning Gomti Chakras is thought to bring about blessings of wealth, prosperity, and good health, making them highly coveted among devotees and believers.

GOMTI CHAKRA - A Symbol of Prosperity and Blessings


According to the revered "Salagram Kosha," the act of placing Shaligram and Gomti Chakras together and offering them devotion can cleanse the soul and eradicate the burden of sins. Gomti Shilas are often sought after for their reputed ability to bestow good health and financial fortune. They are also affectionately known as "Cow's Eye Shila." In contemporary times, Gomti Chakras have evolved into fashionable jewelry pieces, yet they remain steeped in profound spiritual significance.

GOMTI CHAKRA - A Symbol of Prosperity and Blessings

Benefits for the Wearer:

Luck and Financial Opportunities: Keeping an even number of Gomti Chakras (such as 2, 4, 6, or 8) in your wallet or handbag is believed to attract luck and financial opportunities.

Vastu Blessings: When eleven Gomti Chakras are buried in the foundation of a building, especially in the direction of the South East, they are said to protect the residents from negative Vastu effects and evil influences.

Devotion to the Divine: Eleven Gomti Chakras are said to represent the eleven Rudras of Lord Shiva, each a divine form. Owning and cherishing these chakras can enhance positive communication with the divine.

Career Advancement: Offering 21 Gomti Chakras to Lord Shiva is believed to remove obstacles that hinder your career growth, making way for success and prosperity.

Unlock the blessings and benefits of Gomti Chakra, a revered and versatile symbol of prosperity and spirituality. Whether you seek divine protection, financial well-being, or a connection with the sacred, Gomti Chakras hold the promise of a brighter future and a more prosperous life.

Note: Each Gomti Chakra offered on our Mahakaal Prasad website is carefully sourced and presented to you with reverence, ensuring its authenticity and value.

Customer Reviews

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Mukesh bansal

I recently acquired a Gomti Chakra, and I'm thrilled with the positive energy it brings into my life. The circular, shell-like design is not only visually appealing but also holds deep spiritual significance. According to tradition, these sacred discs are associated with Lord Krishna and are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Kajal Kushwaha

mujhe laga ki ye mujhe nhi mil payega . par mahakaal baba ke ashirwab se mil gya. jay mahakaal

Anjali Sarathe

Its really a blessing thing ever, i received. thanks mahkaal Baba

Bharti Vaidya

Wondaful item. but need to improve your delivery. but thanks

Poornima Prajapati

Mujhe ygomti chakra se shiv ji ka art banana tha.. mujhe yeh jaldi bhejne ke liye thanks

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