; Ketu Yantra - Abhimantrit Shree To Appease Ketu, Peace of Mind, Health – Mahakaal Prasad
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Ketu Yantra - Abhimantrit Shree To Appease Ketu, Peace of Mind, Health

Ketu Yantra - Abhimantrit Shree To Appease Ketu, Peace of Mind, Health

Ketu Yantra - Abhimantrit Shree To Appease Ketu, Peace of Mind, Health

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The Ketu Yantra holds the key to pacifying and appeasing the celestial body Ketu, neutralizing any malefic effects that may arise due to its unfavorable positioning. As an invisible node of the Moon, Ketu plays a unique role in Vedic astrology, acting as a shadow planet that holds significant influence in the cosmic realms.

Ketu Yantra - Abhimantrit Shree To Appease Ketu, Peace of Mind, Health

Key Attributes and Benefits:

  1. Removal of Malefic Effects: The Ketu Yantra effectively removes or reduces the negative and malefic effects associated with Ketu, providing a shield against astrological adversities.

  2. Planet "Shadow" Clarification: In Vedic astrology, Ketu is referred to as a celestial body, often termed a "shadow" planet. It represents one of the invisible nodes of the Moon, holding a distinct place in the cosmic dance.

  3. Auspicious Talisman for Calming Ketu: This Yantra is a sacred talisman specifically designed to pacify the planet Ketu. It acts as a spiritual tool to alleviate the malefic influence of Ketu in one's horoscope.

  4. Blessings of Respect, Friendship, and Love: The Ketu Yantra bestows blessings of respect, friendship, love, and charity upon the devotee. It works towards creating a harmonious and positive environment.

  5. Peace of Mind and Tranquility: Worshipping this Yantra brings peace of mind and tranquility, offering a sense of harmony amidst life's challenges. It acts as a protective shield against illnesses.

  6. Spiritual Disposition and Non-Attachment: Ketu, representing spirituality and non-attachment to the material world, is enhanced by the Yantra. It promotes a spiritual disposition, asceticism, and detachment.

  7. Success in Various Areas: The Yantra positively influences areas related to spirituality, occultism, trouble to enemies, ultimate salvation, and overall success. It serves as a remedy to enhance good results and reduce bad effects in these domains.

  8. Dealing with Diseases and Negativity: Ketu Yantra addresses various diseases caused by the negativity associated with this planet, including skin problems and issues requiring surgery. Regular recitation of the associated mantras brings positive results.

  9. Historical Tale of Ketu's Origin: According to ancient scriptures, Ketu originated during the churning of Ksheer Sagar, the ocean of milk. Recognized as the headless body of Rahu, Ketu is associated with spiritualism and enlightenment.

  10. Spiritual Upliftment and Liberation: Ketu drives individuals towards spiritualism, asceticism, and enlightenment, liberating them from worldly desires and bringing them closer to God.

  11. Malefic Planet with Transformative Power: Despite being considered malefic, Ketu's influence is transformative. It challenges individuals, leading them through tough times for spiritual growth and emancipation.

  12. Yantra as a Protective Shield: The Ketu Yantra acts as a protective shield, ensuring success in business, removing enemies, and fostering all-around success. It is recommended for those undergoing adverse Dasha/transit of Ketu.

Mantras for Ketu Yantra:

  • "Om Raahave Namah"
  • "Om Sram Sreem Sroum Sah Ketave Namah"
  • "Om Stram Streem Strom Sah Ketave Namah"
  • "Om Gada-dhvajaaya Vidmahe Amrita-shaya Dheemahi Tanno Ketu Prachodayat"
  • "Om Ashwadhwajaya Vidmahe Soorya-hastaya Dheemahi Tanno Ketu: Prachodayat"

केतु यंत्र के लिए मंत्र  –

  • ”   राहवे नम:”
  • “ओम सरं श्रीं श्रौं सः केतवे नम:” 
  • “ओम् स्ट्रां स्ट्रीम स्ट्रीम सह केतवे नमः।”                       
  • “ओम गददहस्ताय विद्महे विद्महे अमृताशाय धीमहि तन्नो केतु प्रचोदयात्”
  • “ओम अश्वध्वजाय विद्महे सोयला हस्तेया धीमहि तन्नो केतु: प्रपंचोदयत्। “

Embrace the mystical power of the Ketu Yantra, invoking positive energies, spiritual growth, and protection against malefic influences. Install it in your home, office, or wear it as an ornament to experience the transformative power of Ketu in your life.

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