; Billi ki Jer / Blli ki Naal - Energized and powerful( 1 p ) – Mahakaal Prasad
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Billi ki Jer / Blli ki Naal - Energized and powerful( 1 p )

Billi ki Jer / Blli ki Naal - Energized and powerful( 1 p )

Billi ki Jer / Blli ki Naal - Energized and powerful( 1 p )

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In some cultures and folk beliefs, " Billi ki Jer" or "cat's whisker" is believed to have magical or supernatural powers.  Here are a few of the purported magical powers or uses associated with  Billi ki Jer in various traditions:

Online Tantric Billi ki Jer / Blli ki Naal - Energized and powerful

1. Protection from Evil Spirits: Billi ki Jer are sometimes thought to provide protection from evil spirits or negative energies. People may place them in their homes or wear them as amulets or charms to ward off harm.

2. Luck and Prosperity: Some believe that carrying Billi ki Jer can bring good luck and prosperity. It is thought that they can help attract positive energies and opportunities into one's life.

3. Healing and Health:  Billi ki Jer may be used in traditional medicine or alternative healing practices. They are believed to have healing properties and may be used in remedies for various ailments.

4. Divination: In some cultures,  Billi ki Jer are used for divination or fortune-telling. They may be tossed like dice or used in other rituals to gain insights into the future.

What we provides you :

It is very important for you to know what we are sending you because it is a very powerful thing. We Billi ki Jer send after energizing it. It is not generally available. It is energized by Vedic mantras. Keeping it in the house helps the person. Blesses wealth, prosperity, happiness, victory, attainment and accumulation of wealth, increase in savings and creation of wealth.

Customer Reviews

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Vibhesh Karmani

Using a Billi Ki Naal incense holder has added a spiritual touch to my daily rituals. The intricate carvings on the holder make it a visually appealing addition to my altar. it an ideal accompaniment for meditation and spiritual practices. A thoughtful gift for anyone seeking both functionality and symbolism in their daily rituals.

Bunty Meena

This is really powerful and energetic thing i got.

Vaibhav Mishra

I don't believe on this type of items. but i research and got this original product. thanks

Akash Methil

Good and Original.

Ramcharan Vishwas

It really has miraculous powers. It seems as if all my dilemmas are coming to an end.

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