; Original & Energized Gorochan - original puja purpose - Gorochan/Goloc – Mahakaal Prasad
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Original & Energized Gorochan - original puja purpose - Gorochan/Golochan/Gaulochan/Gaurochan for Tantrik Pooja/Sarvdev Pooja/Vashikaran Pooja

Original & Energized Gorochan - original puja purpose - Gorochan/Golochan/Gaulochan/Gaurochan for Tantrik Pooja/Sarvdev Pooja/Vashikaran Pooja

Original & Energized Gorochan - original puja purpose - Gorochan/Golochan/Gaulochan/Gaurochan for Tantrik Pooja/Sarvdev Pooja/Vashikaran Pooja

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Original Gorochan, also known as Gorochana or Gorochan Dron, is a rare and valuable substance in traditional Indian and Tibetan medicine. It is a yellow or orange pigment that is believed to be derived from the bile or gallstones of certain  animals, particularly cows. Gorochan is a substance that holds significance in Hindu culture and Ayurvedic medicine. It is a rare and valuable substance that forms naturally in the body of a cow, specifically in the bile or gall bladder. It is considered a sacred and powerful material, often used in religious rituals and medicinal practices.                                               Original & Energized Gorochan

In Hinduism, Gorochan is used in various religious ceremonies and rituals as an offering to deities or as a means of purification. It is believed to possess spiritual properties and is often associated with the worship of deities like Cow Mata (the divine mother cow).

In Ayurvedic medicine, Gorochan is believed to have medicinal properties and is used in the treatment of certain ailments. It is often used as an antidote to poisons, to alleviate fevers, promote mental clarity, and for protection against negative energies. Gorochan is available in powdered or stone form and is used in various traditional remedies and practices.

Uses of Gorochan

Gorochan is a traditional substance that is believed to have several important medicinal uses:

  1. Antidote to Poisons: Gorochan is reputed to act as an antidote to various poisons. This means that if someone has been poisoned, taking Gorochan might help neutralize the poison and reduce its harmful effects.

  2. Promotes Clear Thoughts: It is believed that Gorochan can help improve mental clarity. This could be useful for people who need to think clearly and make important decisions.

  3. Alleviates Fevers: Gorochan is said to help reduce fevers. Fevers are common symptoms of many illnesses, so Gorochan might be used to help bring a person's temperature back to normal.

  4. Combats Contagious Diseases: Gorochan is thought to help fight off contagious diseases. This means it could be used to protect against illnesses that spread from person to person, like the flu or colds.

Different Quality Levels

Gorochan comes in different quality levels, and each level is said to have a different effectiveness:

  • Superior Gorochan: This is the highest quality and is believed to be the most effective. It is reputed to cure seven people who have been poisoned.

  • Mediocre Gorochan: This is of average quality. It is said to be able to cure five people who have been poisoned.

  • Inferior Gorochan: This is the lowest quality and is reputed to cure three people who have been poisoned.

In summary, Gorochan is a traditional remedy used for treating poisonings, improving mental clarity, reducing fevers, and fighting contagious diseases. The effectiveness of Gorochan depends on its quality, with superior forms being more potent than mediocre or inferior ones.

Benefits of Gorochan

  1. Purification:

    • Can purify items used in religious ceremonies, such as Ganga water.
  2. Worship:

    • Used in Gorochan Puja to worship Cow Mata.
  3. Confidence and Positivity:

    • Applying Gorochan tilak on the forehead can boost confidence and attract positivity.
  4. Guidance and Success:

    • Believed to help ensure that your work goes in the right direction.
  5. Positive Aura:

    • Making a tilak of Gorochan can help maintain a positive aura around you.
  6. Business and Financial Problems:

    • Can be very helpful in times of business or financial troubles.
  7. Special Occasions:

    • Worshipping Gorochan on Diwali, Holi, and MahaShivratri is said to resolve money, business, and health issues.
  8. Protection from Evil Eye:

    • Making a swastika with Gorochan on house walls and applying tilak can protect against evil eye and negative energy.
  9. Medical Uses:

    • Sometimes used in treating certain diseases under medical guidance

How to Use Gorochan

  1. As Tilak:

    • Application: Directly apply Gorochan on your forehead and body.
    • Purpose: Used for spiritual benefits and to promote mental clarity.
  2. Making a Paste:

    • Ingredients: Gorochan, Ganga Jal (water from the Ganges), and Kesar (saffron).
    • Procedure: Mix these ingredients to form a paste.
    • Purpose: This paste can be used for various protective and healing purposes.
  3. Protection from Evil Eye or Negative Energy:

    • Application: Apply the Gorochan paste on your body.
    • Purpose: To ward off the evil eye or negative energy.
  4. For Home and Office:

    • Procedure: If you suspect an evil eye effect at your home or office, use the Gorochan paste to draw a swastika on the wall.
    • Purpose: Believed to protect the space from negative energies and bring positivity.
  5. Custom Uses:

    • Personalized Guidance: Gorochan can be adapted for various needs. If you have specific problems, you can seek guidance on how to use Gorochan effectively for your particular situation.

By following these simple methods, you can harness the reputed benefits of Gorochan for health, protection, and spiritual well-being.     

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Customer Reviews

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Nidhi Joshi

I've used various products for my pujas, but this Gorochan stands out. The authenticity and energy are evident, and it has made a noticeable difference in my rituals. Very happy with this purchase.

Sandhya Menon

Using this Gorochan for my Vashikaran Pooja has been a transformative experience. The energy it brings is profound, and it has greatly enhanced the power of my rituals. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about their spiritual practices.

Sneha Bhatnagar

This Gorochan is of very good quality. I used it in my recent Tantrik Pooja, and the results were noticeable. It arrived well-packaged and on time. I will definitely be buying it again.

Rahul Iyer

This is by far the best Gorochan I've used for my Sarvdev Pooja. The energy is intense, and the results speak for themselves. It arrived quickly and was well-packaged. I'm very satisfied with this product.

Rohan Gupta

I purchased this Gorochan for Sarvdev Pooja, and it has exceeded my expectations. The purity and potency are evident, making my rituals more effective. It's a must-have for anyone involved in serious puja practices.

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