; Sacred Energized Brass Damru - A Powerful Instrument of Spiritual Ener – Mahakaal Prasad
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Sacred Energized Brass Damru - A Powerful Instrument of Spiritual Energy

Sacred Energized Brass Damru - A Powerful Instrument of Spiritual Energy

Sacred Energized Brass Damru - A Powerful Instrument of Spiritual Energy

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Introducing the Sacred Damru: A Powerful Instrument of Spiritual Energy.

The Damru is widely recognized as a divine instrument, known for invoking spiritual energy. It holds great significance as one of the attributes of various deities and gods, particularly Lord Shiva. Our Damru is meticulously crafted from the finest quality brass, ensuring a product of exceptional quality.

This musical instrument holds a special place in the heart of Lord Shiva, earning its reputation as a power drum that resonates with spiritual energy. Additionally, the Damru symbolizes sound itself—a rhythm that permeates the universe, creating waves of energy. Its rhythmic beats echo the essence of existence.

Handcrafted with utmost care, our Classical Indian Damru serves as a revered folk instrument for drumming throughout India. Available in various materials such as wood, metal, or skull, the Damru features animal skin (typically goat skin) covering both ends, with strings or cords made from cotton, leather, or jute tightly intertwined. Its unique hourglass shape and playability with bare hands make it an extraordinary instrument.

When played, the Damru produces captivating rhythms and melodies. Skilled players manipulate the instrument by deftly twisting their wrists, creating enchanting tones that can be further tuned by adjusting the strings. Its unmistakable sound and spiritual significance make it a cherished addition to any musical collection.

We are delighted to offer you this exquisite Damru, a 100% original and very rare piece, carefully curated by "Mahakaal Ujjain Prasad - Make In India." Each Damru carries the essence of tradition and craftsmanship, resonating with the divine energy it represents.

Experience the power and spirituality embodied within this remarkable instrument. Enhance your musical journey and connect with the profound energy of the Damru.

A beautifully crafted & finished damru for your space

Color Golden
Usage/Application Temple
Design Brass Damru
Material Brass
Brand Mahakaal Ujjain Prasad
Size Medium
Packaging Type Box
Finishing Brass
Diameter 3.5 cm
Weight 60gm
Country of Origin Made in India

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