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Trishul - Energized Bholenath Trishul

Trishul - Energized Bholenath Trishul

Trishul - Energized Bholenath Trishul

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Introducing the Sacred Trishul - The Trident of Shiva: The Legend of its Divine Origin

Experience the profound symbolism and divine power of the Trishul - the legendary trident that embodies the essence of Lord Shiva. Revered as one of the most significant symbols in Hindu mythology, the Trishul holds an enchanting tale of its origin that dates back to the divine realms.

Trishul with Damru - Bholenath Trishul with Damru

According to the revered Vishnu Purana, the Trishul's origin is intertwined with the radiant Sun God, Surya. As the story goes, Surya wed Samjna, the daughter of the celestial architect, Vishwakarma. However, Samjna found it challenging to endure the intense heat emitted by her divine consort. Seeking a solution, she confided in Vishwakarma, who resolved to alleviate her distress.

Trishul with Damru - Bholenath Trishul with Damru

Driven by compassion, Vishwakarma devised a plan to diminish Surya's scorching brilliance, ensuring a harmonious union. Employing his celestial craftsmanship, he carefully extracted a portion of Surya's fiery essence, as if delicately grinding it on a celestial machine. Through this intricate process, the radiant heat of Surya was reduced by one-eighth, appeasing Samjna's concerns.

Falling gracefully to the Earth, the sacred matter separated from Surya coalesced into a majestic form - the Trishula, the divine trident of Shiva. Meticulously crafted by Vishwakarma himself, this extraordinary weapon was fashioned using the very essence drawn from the heart of the Sun. Its significance resonates as a testament to Shiva's prowess and divine purpose.

The Trishul symbolizes the trinity of Shiva's fundamental powers: the will (iccha) to manifest, the knowledge (jnana) to comprehend the universe, and the action (kriya) to bring about transformation. Its three prongs embody Shiva's triumphant dominion over the three realms and the fluidity of time itself. Furthermore, the Trishul represents the transcendence of purity (sattva), passion (rajas), and ignorance (tamas), symbolizing the conquest of darkness and the pursuit of enlightenment.

Trishul with Damru - Bholenath Trishul with Damru

Incorporating the sacred symbol A-U-M (OM), the Trishul encapsulates the eternal cycle of creation, preservation, and transformation - a divine manifestation of cosmic harmony.

Embrace the spiritual significance and awe-inspiring beauty of the Trishul, a timeless symbol that connects us to the divine realm. With its rich history and profound meaning, this exquisite piece serves as a reminder of Shiva's supreme power and his divine presence in our lives.

Trishul with Damru - Bholenath Trishul with Damru

Unveil the mystical allure of the Trishul, and experience the transformative energy it bestows upon those who seek the divine path. Explore our collection today and embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment with the sacred Trishul, crafted with reverence and devotion.

Product Specification

Use Temple/Puja
Material Brass
Finishing Polished
Product Type Trident with Damru
Purity 99%

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