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Vaijanti Mala - Energized

Vaijanti Mala - Energized

Vaijanti Mala - Energized

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Indulge in the divine allure of the Vaijanti Mala, meticulously crafted from the sacred Vaijanti flower seeds. Originating from Braja – the revered land of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, this mala carries an enchanting legacy. Legend has it that Lord Krishna himself fashioned a mala from Vaijanti flower seeds and bestowed it upon his beloved Radha. Thus, the Vaijanti Mala holds profound significance, pleasing both Lord Krishna and Radha, rendering it divinely auspicious.

Formation of Vaijanti Mala:

  • Crafted from original beads, the Vaijanti Mala comprises 108 beads, each meticulously selected for purity and authenticity.
  • Ensuring organic integrity, every bead used in the Vaijanti Mala is 100% natural and genuine.
  • To enhance its aesthetic appeal, a colored fringe adorns the bottom of the Vaijanti Mala, adding a touch of elegance.

Benefits of Vaijanti Mala: The Vaijanti Mala bestows an array of blessings upon its wearer, offering assurance and spiritual elevation:

  • Neutralizes planetary influences.
  • Invokes divine grace, attracting the blessings of Radhe Krishna/Vishnu & Lakshmi.
  • Facilitates swift results when chanting Krishna, Vishnu & Lakshmi Mantras.
  • Attracts cosmic vibrations, fostering positivity in one's aura.
  • Enhances beauty, allure, and charisma, captivating even adversaries.
  • Dispels obstacles and delays in marriage, resolves love life dilemmas, and attracts desired love and proposals.
  • Invites wealth, luxury, and abundance, ensuring success in all endeavors and garnering honor, fame, and recognition.
  • Shields against malevolent energies, fostering mental stability, peace, and confidence.

How to Use Vaijanti Mala: The versatility of the Vaijanti Mala allows for multiple applications:

  • Wear it around the neck or wrist as a divine adornment.
  • Utilize it as a rosary for Japa/chanting during meditation.
  • Place it in your worship room, purse, pocket, or under the pillow to invite divine blessings and protection.

Rituals for Wearing Vaijanti Mala – How to Energize Vaijanti Mala: Adhere to these sacred rituals to infuse your Vaijanti Mala with divine energy:

  • Begin by purifying yourself with a morning bath and clean attire.
  • Hold the Vaijanti Mala in your hands and chant any Krishna Mantra, such as "Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaye Namha," at least 11 times.
  • Wear the Vaijanti Mala preferably on an auspicious day, Thursday, or Friday.

Precautions for Vaijanti Mala: To preserve its sanctity and integrity, observe these precautions:

  • Remove the Vaijanti Mala before sleeping or bathing.

Note: Please note that the mala may contain 101-110 beads, ensuring its unique character and authenticity.

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